Shop Lies Mertens 2
Interior design and manufacturing of the 2nd more permanent Lies Mertens handbag Store. Reuse of the centre display sculptures from the first flagship store. Placed on the original herringbone parquet floor, in contrast with the added galvanized metal walls. In the shopwindow two Identical handbags are hung on a galvanised steel rod which is brought under tension by a steel wire. The close proximity position of the two items simulate the optical illusion of a mirror. This minimal intervention maintains the visual openness to the store interior.

Flagship store 2 Lies Mertens
Steenhouwersvest 6, Antwerp

Photos :

3,6,7 - Piet-Albert Goethals
1,2,4,5,8,9,10 - Hannelore Veelaert

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